SCARSSouthern California Antique Radio Society

Club Promotion and the SCARS Ambassador Program

Research by SCARS Publicity Chairman Jim Garrett indicates that word-of-mouth is our most effective means of letting the world know who and what we are.

Members can help us in our efforts to build a bigger and better organization by talking to friends and associates about SCARS and antique radio in general. You may know someone who has a long time interest in radio, but has never found the time or knowledge needed to follow through. By talking to others, you might find one of your best friends joining you at our next gathering.

Another way members can help spread the word is through our Ambassador Program. Volunteer your time by manning the SCARS table at one of our program events. You can share your enthusiasm for antique radio with a great many people, and have a great time being of service to SCARS. We plan to be present at select area events throughout the year.

If you are a SCARS member and would like to assist at one of these events, or you have a suggestion for an appropriate Southern California event, please contact Events Coordinator Richard Guess. If you are not a member and would like to join SCARS, we encourage you to apply for SCARS membership.