SCARSSouthern California Antique Radio Society

About Us

Have you ever seen a classic old radio and thought it was probably so rare or expensive that you would never be able to own one?
What about repairs or finding parts? It's true that some radios are scarce and costly, but many others are readily available at reasonable prices. Many vintage sets also work surprisingly well. Common parts are easy to find, while rare parts can often be located through fellow collectors.

Restoration of antique radios is often just as rewarding as ownership for many collectors. SCARS members are frequently happy to share resources and knowledge with others, encouraging the enjoyment and satisfaction that comes with collecting and restoring these vintage sets. Whether you're an "old hand" or new to antique radios, SCARS welcomes you. We're always looking for experienced people who want to share their knowledge and skills, and for new members who want to learn and explore.

Started by founding member Alan Smith in 1976, SCARS membership has increased from 30 to near 400. From those early meetings held at Lockheed in Burbank, CA., SCARS activities have grown to include a full calendar of events throughout Southern California. Meetings are held on a regular basis and feature swap meets, member & guest presentations, and other functions. Special events include tours, our Annual Auction, and more.

Membership is open to anyone with a genuine interest in the acquisition, preservation, and history of early wireless, radio, television, hi-fi, vintage electronics, and related items and publications. The informal purpose of the club is to enjoy interacting with fellow enthusiasts in this fascinating hobby.

There's always something new to learn, and SCARS is a great group of people to share your enthusiasm with. Come join us in our appreciation of the beauty and mystery that is antique radio.