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The SCARS Signals Newsletter
· The Newsletter Has Been Discontinued ·

For over four decades, members of the Southern California Antique Radio Society have relied on the SCARS Gazette to deliver timely information on the world of antique radios. This quarterly magazine continues to provide unsurpassed coverage of that world, and remains an essential voice for SCARS members.

Today we enjoy avenues of communication never dreamed of in the days of our founders. We have embraced these opportunities by expanding the services available to our members in two important areas; we offer the revised web site, and we have added a quarterly electronic newsletter.

By doing so, not only do we continue to extend our reach to the general public via the web, but we have also increased contact with our members through the publication of the SCARS Signals Newsletter. The electronic newsletter is delivered between quarterly issues of the Gazette.

This "members only" publication is distributed to all SCARS members who provide us with an email address (if you are not a member, we invite you to join us). Should a member not have access to email, we print and mail a copy of the newsletter to that member at no additional cost. Though this is both a time consuming and more expensive method of delivery, we feel that all members should have equal access to this content.

Prior Newsletter articles include:

  • Catalin; Casting Radio Cabinets in Color
  • The Ekko Stamps Craze of the mid 1920s
  • Crosley Mascot, "Bonzo the Pup"
  • The First Car Radios
  • Eye Tube History and Basics
  • Collection Safety in Earthquake Country
  • Radio & WWI
  • Crosley Radio Station WLW
  • WWII & Radio Production
  • The Earl Radio Corporation
  • Notice of "Members Only" Events and Opportunities

As always, we welcome newsletter contributions and comments from all members.

Signals Newsletter Editor, Jim Ryan