SCARSSouthern California Antique Radio Society

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Join SCARS?

You may join by applying for Membership by mail. Many of our events will also have a "membership table" present where you may join in person.

Where Can I Get My Old Radio Fixed?

To locate someone to repair your set for you, visit our Repair & Restoration Services section. If you want to learn how to perform your own repairs, visit our Restoration Tutorials & Info section. To enlist the help of a SCARS member, post your query on our Forum or visit a SCARS event. Experienced members are often happy to assist. We also encourage you to attend a SCARS Radio Repair Class. Classes are held throughout the year.

Where Can I find Old Radios?

In addition to online sources, you can always find a ready local source at SCARS swap meets, and at our annual Vintage Radio Auction In February. Visit our Events section for information on upcoming SCARS events.

What Is My Old Radio Worth?

A set's value depends on a number of factors, including condition and collector demand. Unfortunately it's difficult to evaluate a radio sight unseen. We recommend that you seek the advice of a experienced collector or restorer. A SCARS event is a great place to make contact with someone to assist you with an appraisal. Alternately, you may consider posting your query on the SCARS Forum.

Where Can I Sell My Old Radio?

Members are welcome to sell at any of our swap meets or designated auction events. If you are not a member, SCARS membership is inexpensive and is usually available at most of our events. You may also post your item for sale on the SCARS Forum, or peruse other online resources.

Where Can I Get Tubes And Parts?

SCARS meets are an excellent local source for vintage parts. Many vendors have these items on display, and can often assist in locating what you need. There are a number of online parts suppliers as well.